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Fuzhou Xingchen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, a famous "genius hometown" with a modern factory covering an area of 103.94 mu (70,000 square meters). It stands on the third section of Fuzhou High-tech Industrial Park. The main production of antiviral APIs and their intermediates, and other fine chemical products.
Companies adhering to the "leading technology, science and technology enterprises, quality-oriented, customer first" philosophy of management development, attaches great importance to personnel training and independent innovation, respectively, in the company and Shanghai-based research institutes, and actively carry out technology with prestigious universities and research institutes Cooperation and exchange. Through independent R & D and collaborative innovation, we will continue to develop new technologies, new processes and new products with independent intellectual property rights. We will strive to maintain the company's R & D capability at the leading position in the industry and continuously strengthen our core competitiveness.
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  • 2017 India Mumbai CPHI

    Meeting Time: November 28-30, 2017

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Address: Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province High-tech high-six Road Section longitudinal three
Tel:+86-794-8338118 Fax:+86-794-8338118 E-mail:[email protected]
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